Bath Theatre Academy

Bath Theatre Academy

We are a trailblazing creative education initiative based in Bath

A trailblazing creative education initiative based in Bath

We are radically readdressing common misperceptions about the theatre young people are capable of making.  We are passionate about empowering the next generation of theatremakers to go boldly.




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We would like to introduce you to our current 2nd Year students. As part of their studies they prepare for their next steps. Headshots by the brilliant @CBaileyImage form part of the CVs they will present at future auditions. #theatremakers @theeggbath @TheatreRBath @BathCollege

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The Bath Theatre Academy is designed to emulate a drama school model. Free from the constraints of normal educational establishments, our course invites learners to play, challenge themselves, take risks and begin to experiment, taking their first steps to become the theatre makers of the future.

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Drawing on 10+ years of the egg’s creative endeavours, plus years of educational expertise from Bath College, our collaboration strives to create the optimum conditions for art and learning to thrive.

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